Tilt Up Slant Anchor

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Slant Anchor Installation Guidelines:

  1. Position and secure the Slant Anchor before casting panel.
  2. Erect panel, brace and install bearing grout as required.
  3. Locate and remove foam Void Former from connection face.
  4. Drill 1” diameter hole into the foundation using the sleeve as a guide.
  5. Remove dust from hole using compressed air, vacuum and/or bottle brush.
  6. Mix Flowable Grout and pour into the connection cavity until half full.
  7. Place Ductile Bar into sleeve and foundation immediately after grouting.
  8. Add additional grout to cover the bar and fill the cavity.
  9. Allow grout to cure before patching/finishing the panel face.

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Tilt Up Slant Anchor

The Slant Anchor* connects tilt-up or precast panels to the foundation. The assembly includes the load-rated Slant Anchor, Void Former, high-strength Ductile Bar and pre-packaged Grout. The Slant Anchor is integral to the panel design and planning. The anchor is positioned and reinforced in each panel during forming operations. The foam seals the connection sleeve during concrete placement. Once a completed tilt-up or precast panel is ready for installation, the foam is removed. The opening for the connection sleeve is now visible and accessible for anchoring. Each panel is positioned on the foundation and braced. A hole is drilled into the foundation footing using the connection sleeve as a guide. This puts the load path near the center line of the panel. The hole is then partially grouted, the Ductile Bar inserted, and the remaining grout used to fill the sleeve. This grouted connection anchors the panel without welding or bolting.

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