Tilt Up Ring Clutch

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  • User must conduct a visual inspection to detect any possible damage or defects in the Lifter before use.
  • The ring-shape of the Lifter hooks onto the loop of the insert for lifting.
  • Move the handle to “open” the Lifter ring, position the Lifter over the insert and move the handle to “close”the ring.

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SureBuilt Dayton Superior


Tilt Up Ring Clutch

The Ring Clutch connects the tilt-up insert to crane rigging and lifts the concrete panel from the casting surface. The “ring” shape hooks secure onto the loop of the insert for lifting and handling. The design of the Lifter discharges the lateral forces of angular lifting directly into the tilt-up panel. Once lifted and braced in position, the Lifter can be safely released from the ground.

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