Tilt Up Helical Ground Anchor

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Helical Ground Anchors are both economical and effective:

  • Eliminates forming and handling a concrete deadman at each brace location.
  • Eliminates drilling, bolting and patching the floor slab at each brace location.
  • Torque installation method produces a verifiable load rating in all soil conditions.
  • Provides a quick installation and removal method for anchor placement.
  • Compatible with Helical Anchor Extensions, HGA Brackets and Pipe Braces.

SureBuilt Dayton Superior


Tilt Up Helical Ground Anchor

Helical Ground Anchors provide an engineered alternative to slab bolting or concrete dead men. The anchor is a square steel shaft with helix plates that “screws” into the ground with continuous downward force. The anchor will establish a load capacity for subsequent brace attachment (depending on the soil condition and strata).

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