RB401T-E TwinTier Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool

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  • REDUCES BACK STRAIN – The RB401T-E is an ergonomic solution for backbreaking slab work.
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLES – Users can adjust the handles to 2 positions, to find the most comfortable fit for their height.
  • TRIGGERLESS TECHNOLOGY – An automatic contact mechanism (Pat. Pending) allows the tool to instantly tie when pushed down over a rebar intersection.
  • SHORTER TIE HEIGHT (Pat. Pending) – A Wire Bending Mechanism produces a shorter tie height. Less concrete is needed to fully cover a wire tie.
  • ENCLOSED DESIGN – Greater protection against debris and moisure entering the tool.
  • QUICKLY & EASILY LOAD TIE WIRE – Rapidly load the dual wire coil with the quick load magazine design.


Stand-up Battery Powered Rebar Tying Tool

Meet the RB401T-E TwinTier stand up rebar tying tool. Slab work can be backbreaking. The RB401T-E rebar tier is designed for ergonomics with an extended frame that allows you to stand-up and tie rebar for concrete slabs. As a result, you no longer need to bend over which will reduce back strain. Users can adjust the handles to 2 positions in order to find the most comfortable fit for their height. Triggerless technology means that an automatic contact trigger allows the tool to instantly tie when pushed down over a rebar intersection.


The RB401T-E TwinTier uses the same lithium ion JPL91440A battery, JC925A charger, and tie wire as the RB441T and RB611T TwinTiers. Due to it’s long lasting battery this tool gets 4000 ties per charge. A full charge takes about 65 minutes. Tie up to #6 x #6 rebar with this stand-up rebar tying tool.


Efficiency is paramount with the RB401T-E TwinTier. Each tie takes about half a second to complete which allows workers to move fast through the job without sacrificing quality. Time is money on the jobsite. The money you spend on this tool is more than made up for in man hours saved on the job. In addition, this tool uses tie wire more efficiently getting up to 260 ties per coil. The dual wire coil quick load magazine reloads quickly and easily. Finally, the shorter tie height of the RB401T-E requires less concrete to cover the ties.

RB401T-E TwinTier Reliability

MAX represents quality and was the first to make these innovative tools. As a result, you can expect no less the best from the RB401T-E TwinTier. The enclosed design offers greater protection against debris and moisture entering the tool and it is backed up by a one year limited warranty.

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Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 16 × 13 in



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