MAX TW898-PC Poly Coated 21 Gauge Rebar Tie Wire

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  • 21 Gauge Steel Tie Wire
  • Bare steel with no coating
  • For use with MAX RB397, RB398, RB517 and RB518

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MAX TW898-PC Poly Coat 21 Gauge Rebar Tie Wire

MAX TW898 is 21 gauge rebar tie wire with a poly coating. As a result of the poly coating this tie wire has full protection and risk of corrosion and rust is minimal. Tie wire with a polyester coating is often installed with epoxy rebar – or rebar that has an epoxy coating. Rebar with epoxy coating is common on projects where corrosion or a corrosive environment is a concern. Coating rebar in epoxy extends the life of the material and it’s ability to resist corrosion. Likewise, poly coating rebar tie wire also extends the life and corrosion resistance. This poly coated tie wire is compatible with MAX USA RB397, RB398, RB517 and RB518 rebar tiers only. Do not use in any other models.

MAX TW898-PC is 312 feet of tie wire per roll and each full case contains 50 rolls.


Additional information

Weight 48.4 lbs
Dimensions 18.1 × 12.4 × 4.1 in



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