MAX USA RB611T Twintier Rebar Tying Tool

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  • Ties up to #9 x #10 rebar
  • Double The Speed – Dual Wire Feeding Mechanism
  • Dispenses precise amount of wire needed to form a tie
  • Shorter Tie Height
  • One charge yields up to 4,000 ties
  • Easy Load Tie Wire with Quick Load magazine

MAX USA Rebar Tying Tools


MAX USA RB611T Rebar Tying Tool

The MAX USA RB611T TwinTier rebar tying tool has the largest rebar tying capacity on the market. With it’s large jaw capacity it can tie up to #9 x #10 rebar with 19ga wire (may vary by rebar manufacturer). This TwinTier features 3 new innovative mechanisms making it the most efficient rebar tying tool in the industry. First, the Twintier has a patent pending Wire Bending Mechanism which produces a shorter tie height. As a result, less concrete is needed to cover ties. Next, the MAX USA RB611T has a dual wire feeding mechanism. This allows it to complete each tie in about a half second which increases productivity. Additionally, the Twintier rebar tying tool has a wire pull back mechanism which dispenses precisely the amount of wire needed for a tie. As a result wire usage and production costs are reduced.

The MAX USA RB611T Twintier Rebar Tying Tool is the most efficient tool in the industry. The long lasting battery delivers up to 4000 ties per charge. The Twintier has a quick load magazine which allows the operator to load tie wire fast. In addition, this rebar tying tool features an enclosed magazine design which prevents dust and moisture from getting in. This results in improved durability.

Rebar Tying Tool Safety

The MAX USA RB611T rebar tying tool is far safer than hand tying. Using this tool reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries significantly.

Rebar Tying Tool Applications

The RB611T is ideal for Road and Bridge Foundations, Precast Plants, Electrical Conduit, Retaining Walls, Power Plants, and Water Retaining Structures.


Additional information

Weight 15.2 lbs
Dimensions 20.9 × 5.6 × 15.4 in



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